Roman Abramovich Yacht Eclipse

The world of the sea is nothing without the presence of yachts. Maritime history is filled with countless ships sailing the seas, travelling the world (and around); the sea is the part of the world as it has changed many courses of history. It has been more than 60 years since battles were fought at sea in World War Two, now the seas are filled with “jewels” that change the course of luxurious history – The Yachts.

Roman Abramovich Yacht

Abramovich Yacht Eclipse

When the words ‘luxury’ and ‘yachts’ are combined in a sentence, the paragraph that uses them must also mention the name of Roman Abramoivch and his yachts. This Russian business billionaire changes the course in history at sea with a different manner than his countryman decades ago. He now owns the largest yacht to ever sail the big waters, and her name is Eclipse.

The Eclipse is 557 ft. long which makes there the largest yacht in the world. She is estimated at £ 8.4 billion capable of accommodating 62 guests along with the 50 crew members. 25 knots are her maximum speed and 22 knots are cruise speed. The Eclipse has two helicopter pads, two swimming pools, a steam room, several hot tubs, a mini submarine and a disco hall.

Roman Abramovich Yacht Front

Roman Abramovich Yacht back

To fight the ’army’ of paparazzi photographers, The Eclipse has Anti-paparazzi shield installed with lasers that are capable of blocking the camera lenses when they try to take a snap shot inside. Nothing strange about the paparazzi attempts when you are cruising into town. Another interesting thing about protection is that The Eclipse has its own missile defense system along with bullet-proof windows. It is absurd to thing that a luxurious yacht will start a conflict, but it seems that defense is its strong attributes.

The Eclipse was built by Blohm + Voss from Germany. The exterior design belongs to Hermidas Atabeyki and the interior design to Terrence Disdale. Finished in 2009, it took a whole year for it to be delivered to Roman Abramovich. The sea trials were thorough in their testing as they wouldn’t accept nothing but ‘Perfect’ from the world’s largest yacht.

So, how does a Roman Abramovich’s yacht should anchor instead of dock as it is supposed to be? Well, the answer is simple; it is too big for it to dock.

Abramovich Yacht Eclipse

eclipse yacht

This happened in the south-east of France when The Eclipse was unable to dock and it was forced to anchor at the coast of Antibes, which is near Nice. This will definitely deserve a big ‘Wow’. Now the question comes, is this limit of yachts? Is a Yacht truly a yacht if it isn’t able to dock? Because it its anchored all the time than it will be a cruising boat rather than a yacht, would it?

Anchoring the yacht near a cost would never happen to his former yachts. The Sussurro yacht, for example, is 162 foot long (50 meters) with lots of space capable of accommodating 12 people and 11 crew members. With the Jacuzzi, swimming pool and other luxuries ‘gadgets’ it is capable of reaching maximum speed of 46 knots. The Eclipse has half its speed but The Sussurro (also designed by Terrence Disdale) has nothing on Eclipse’s luxury.

yacht eclipse shot from distance

Yacht ECLIPSE Philipsburg Harbour St.Maarten

337 feet (115 meters) is the Luna Yacht, designed by Stahlbau Nord Shipyards and Lloyd Werft has two helipads, a deck with sunbathing areas and swimming pool, and an open luxury leisure area.

The Ecstasea yacht was build in the Royal van Lent shipyard in 2004. When it was commissioned, it was the largest luxury yachts ever build. Terrence Disdale, along with De Voogt Naval Architects, put a lot of effort in this baby too. What makes this yacht capable of sea traveling is four MTU engines that reaches 12.616 hp. This combined with a General Electric LM 2500 gas turbine reaches a total of 30,843 hp. Maximum speed is more than 30 knots.

eclipse yacht interior pictures

eclipse yacht interior

Perolus of 377 feet (115 meters) and Le Grand Bleu of 367 feet (112 meters) are also part of the Roman Abramovich yacht lifestyle.

Now, when a yacht is anchored, it doesn’t have to mean that it cannot dock as a normal yacht. Maybe anchoring is part of a big luxurious party, privacy, protection or whatever. No matter the reasons, the beauty of the Eclipse, or any other luxurious yacht, is meant for sailing the seas. Anchored or docked, the Eclipse will remain the largest yacht, until Roman Abramovich decides to make a bigger one.

Roman Abramovich Yacht Map

eclipse yacht submarine

ROMAN ABRAMOVICH YACHT in a construction yard

Roman Abramovich Yacht Eclipse sailing

Roman Abramovich Yacht Eclipse at the coast of Antibes

Roman Abramovich Yacht aft

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